Federal Budget 2019/2020

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This year, the theme is “A stronger economy and a secure future.” Certainly the features of this year’s Budget are similar to last year. Tax cuts and infrastructure spending are the centre-piece elements.

However, if Labor is successful in the upcoming poll, we may be back here in a few months’ time with a different Budget with differently-structured measures.

Federal Budget snapshot


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Federal Budget: 2019/2020

The key features of this year's budget were tax cuts and infrastructure spending with the theme of "A stronger economy and a secure future."

Chartpack: Budget 2019

CommSec has provided a set of charts that provide a guide to the budget setting as well as the key Budget measures and economic assumptions.

Implications for the local share market

CommSec Senior Economist Ryan Felsman analyses how this year's budget can be seen as a mild positive for the Aussie sharemarket.