Financial Year Wrap 2018/2019

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Total returns on Australian shares (All Ordinaries Accumulation index) have lifted by 11% over 2018/19 (20-year average +9.5%) to a smidgen below record highs.

Australia’s record economic expansion has almost completed its 28th year. Interest rates have fallen to fresh record lows; wages are growing near 2.5%; underlying inflation is around 1.5%; the jobless rate is 5.2%.


2018/2019 Market Snapshot


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Year in Review; Year in Preview

Overall, the global economy has slowed over the past year, largely restrained by the US-China trade conflict. View our comprehensive analysis of 2018/19.

Chartpack: Financial Year Wrap

A look at the key financial indicators including economic growth, inflation, interest rates, employment and home prices. Also, find out CommSec's forecasts for 2019/20.