Five blogs and podcasts specifically for advisers

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Blogs and podcasts – neither word existed 20 years ago, now they've both taken the world by storm. Here we look at a mix of blogs and podcasts that offer tailored advice for advisers looking to get head. 

The Successful Adviser

James McCracken's The Successful Adviser podcast hosts a wealth of knowledge tailored towards Australian financial advisers. McCracken, who specialises in helping advisers build a word-of-mouth and referral business, has more than 90 podcast episodes free to download on his site, ranging from attitude specialists, to CEOs, marketing gurus, and everything in between. Episodes include actionable steps, real-life stories and a helpful summary of what you can expect to learn from each expert.

XY Adviser

XY Adviser is a blog run by a group of passionate young advisers dedicated to seeing the financial advice profession live up to its potential in Australia. In a nutshell, the up-and-coming stars' aim is to “transform frustrated advisers into modern advisers” by offering a young and fresh perspective. Importantly, the blog is regularly updated by the group, and the website also offers subscribers the chance to view live discussion sessions with some of the country's best advisers, BDMs and associated advice specialists.

Ambitious Entrepreneur Network

The Podcasting Queen, as brand and communications strategist Annemarie Cross is affectionately known by listeners, has created hundreds of podcasts for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are passionate about all things business. There are a number of series to choose from on the website, including ‘Women in Leadership’, ‘Ambitious Entrepreneur’, ‘Ask the Expert’ and ‘Purposeful Leadership’. Cross, who's been podcasting since 2008, also offers a course specifically designed to help advisers get noticed through their own podcasts.

Behavior Gap

Behavior Gap is the think-space of Carl Richards, a certified financial planner and the creator of the weekly Sketch Guy column in the New York Times. Through his sketches, many of which can be seen on his blog, Richards turns complex financial scenarios into easy-to-grasp concepts. This, in turn, makes it easier for financial advisers to explain situations to their own clients.

Richards also hosts more than 200 podcasts on Soundcloud and boasts 20,000 subscribers to his enewsletter.

Mark Manson

“Personal Development that doesn't suck” – it's a bold tagline, but it seems to be doing the trick for Mark Manson. The bestselling author, blogger and internet entrepreneur boasts more than two million monthly readers and has enough self-help articles (also available in audio form) on his website to fill two books.

The site is littered with colourful language, so you've been warned, but if you're after some no-holds-barred advice that's a little left field of your average business blog, then dive right in.

“Some people say I’m an idiot. Other people say I saved their life. Read and decide for yourself,” says Manson.

Final word

Blogs and podcasts are a dime a dozen, but that doesn't mean there isn't real value to be found in the gems.

So whether it's during your train commute home, or on your daily jog, invest in a little personal development by switching Spotify for a podcast, or the Facebook feed for a blog.

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