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Multiply your investment power

Combining a wide range of accepted managed funds, platforms and Australian equities with class-leading features, our investment loan offers the flexibility to help meet investor needs and potentially accelerate their investment returns.



Formerly Colonial Geared Investments, we’ve been providing award-winning and innovative gearing solutions to Australian investors since 1996.


CommSec Adviser Services Investment Loans are backed by Australia’s biggest bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Real-time pricing and loan status

You can quickly view a client’s loan position with real time information shown in a single screen on the interim AUSIEX website.


Service & Support Team

We’ve built our business on understanding advisers and their clients so that we can better meet your needs. Our dedicated Adviser Service Team, Relationship Managers and network of BDMs ensure support is never far away. 

Adviser resources

Our client report centre, case studies, lending simulators and data feeds into your planning software help you better manage your client's investments.

Wholesale Applications

We offer a streamlined application process for wholesale clients, including specific wholesale verification requirements and competitive rates.

Interest Rates

Interest rates effective from 1st July 2021

Interest rates are subject to change without notice. All fixed rates are indicative only. Other fixed terms and firm rates available on application. If you have any questions please contact your CommSec Adviser Services BDM, Relationship Manager, or call our Adviser Services team on 13 15 20.

Paid Yearly in Advance  Paid Monthly in Arrears
Variable Rate N/A 5.61% p.a.
1 Year Fixed Rate 5.34% p.a. 5.48% p.a.
2 Year Fixed Rate 5.50% p.a. 5.64% p.a.
3 Year Fixed Rate 5.79% p.a. 5.93% p.a.
5 Year Fixed Rate 6.09% p.a. 6.23% p.a.

Fees & Charges

Effective from 01 July 2016

This information forms part of the CommSec Adviser Services Investment Loan Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Early Repayment Adjustments Fixed Interest Rate Loans: An early repayment adjustment may be payable after allowing for a refund of any interest paid in advance. The fee is calculated using the criteria in the Margin Loan Terms and Conditions.
Dishonour Fees Any cheque or direct debit rejection will incur a fee of $30. This fee will be charged to the loan account at the time of the rejection or on termination of the loan facility.
Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Registration Fee A government fee may be payable to register or amend the registration of the Security Interest on the PPSR.
Trust Investigation Fee

A minimum fee of approximately $200 will apply for Trust Deed Investigation if a Trust is the borrower or security provider to the loan and the Trust’s total loan exposure to the Bank will be greater than $500,000.

The fee will be charged to the loan, unless there is insufficient collateral, in which case we will debit the nominated bank account.

About the CommSec Adviser Services Investment Loan

Who is it designed for?

Advisers and Planners wanting to offer their clients a flexible investment loan that:

  • Unlocks the equity in their existing shareholdings so they can build a larger portfolio and multiply the opportunity for capital gains;
  • Allows them to diversify into a greater number of assets;
  • Enables them to quickly take advantage of market opportunities;
  • Has the potential to generate higher capital gains over the medium to long term;
  • Can increase an income stream from greater exposure to dividends and capital gains; and
  • Can enable tax effective investment opportunities*.

What features do you receive?

  • A wide range of accepted securities including shares, managed funds, Separately Managed Accounts and Investment platforms
  • No application fees for most application types (excluding Trust Applications)
  • Choice of competitive variable and fixed interest rates (for a variety of terms including one, two, three or five years) with interest payable yearly in advance or monthly in arrears
  • Online access to account information for you and your client via the via the interim AUSIEX website
  • Regular gearing option available
  • Buffer to allow for market fluctuations before a margin call is triggered
  • A commitment to responsible lending

How do we support you?

  • Account Managers specialising in gearing solutions for advisers and their clients
  • Dedicated Adviser Service Team
  • Relationship Managers for high value adviser support
  • Investment lending strategies
  • Investment lending simulators including ‘Geared vs non-geared’, ‘What-If’, ‘Cash flow neutral gearing’ & ‘Gearing break-even’
  • Business development support including regional servicing via our team of Business Development Managers
  • Training and education material including case studies

For more information about the CommSec Adviser Services Investment Loan, see the Investment Lending Explained Flyer (PDF).

*Taxation outcomes can vary according to individual circumstances and are subject to changes in legislation.

Accepted Securities

The Accepted Securities Lists (ASL) below shows the percentage of the value of a share and managed fund that we will lend you if it is held as security against your Investment Loan. This percentage is referred to as the Borrowing Limit.


    The LVR Changes List outlines the changes to the Accepted Securities List in the past calendar month.

    Please note that the Accepted Securities Lists are subject to change at any time without notice. Please review your client's loan positions in light of the updates to the Approved Securities Lists.

    Borrowing and Risk

    Risk Management

    Borrowing to invest can multiply your investment returns in a rising market. However, it can also multiply your investment losses if the market declines and your investments perform poorly. Some of the risks of using an investment loan include:

    • Returns will be magnified, for both positive and negative returns;
    • Interest rates may rise, increasing interest costs;
    • Borrowing limits may be reduced, increasing the potential for a Margin Call;
    • Margin Calls may require the sale of assets at unfavourable prices;
    • Taxation legislation may change.

    Managing the risks of an investment loan

    There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risks associated with an investment loan. They include:

    • Don’t borrow to the maximum permitted gearing level (i.e. the Base LSR)
    • Ensure that your portfolio is adequately diversified
    • Reinvest distributions and dividends
    • Pay your interest costs instead of capitalising them
    • Don’t rely on investment income to cover your interest costs
    • Have a cash reserve available to avoid or cover Margin Calls
    • Regularly review your portfolio and gearing level
    • If your account is in buffer, use the time to be proactive and avoid a margin call
    • Regularly monitor your loan position and be prepared to take action quickly


    Managing Gearing Levels

    Control your LSR before triggering a margin call

    It is important to regularly monitor the status of your investment loan. A downturn in the market or a reduction in the borrowing limit of a listed security or fund securing your investment loan may move your Current LSR closer to your Base and Margin Call LSRs.

    Investors should always aim to keep their Current LSR below the Base LSR – the maximum permitted level of gearing. Once the Current LSR moves above the Base LSR, the investment loan is in the ‘Buffer’. If the Current LSR reaches and exceeds the Margin Call LSR the investor will be in Margin Call and will be required to bring the Current LSR back below the Base LSR. This is usually done by reducing the loan balance and/or adding approved securities to the portfolio.

    Control your LSR before triggering a margin call

    Useful Resources


    Interest Rate Sheet

    This PDF contains the latest interest rates for the CommSec Adviser Services Investment Loan.

    Download (PDF)

    What-if Calculator

    Allows you to test a combination of cash and security transactions and determine their effect on the current position of an investment loan. Also assists with the resolution of margin calls by providing the amounts required for each possible transaction option to clear the margin call.

    Excel Download

    Fixed vs Variable Interest Calculator

    This calculator allows you to determine your potential interest savings between a fixed and variable interest rate on your loan balance over different terms.

    View Calculator

    Geared vs Non-geared Break-even Calculator

    Have you ever wondered what investment returns are required before a geared investment strategy will outperform and non-geared one? We’ve taken the guess work out and have developed a simple calculator that will determine the minimum capital growth rate or income yield that will result in a geared investment strategy outperforming the non-geared equivalent.

    Excel Download

    Cash Flow Neutral Gearing Calculator

    This calculator helps you develop a cash flow neutral gearing strategy for your clients by establishing the minimum income yield required or maximum gearing level that will allow your clients to achieve a cash flow neutral to positively geared investment strategy.

    Excel Download

    Investment Loan Gearing Simulator

    Our Investment Loan Gearing Simulator is designed to allow advisors to quickly and easily demonstrate the advantages of utilising a geared investment strategy over a non-geared investment strategy. It outputs the expected outcome of each strategy over the specified term, offers many special features and also allows for regular gearing plans.

    Excel Download

    Debt Strategy Simulator

    The Debt Strategy Simulator allows advisers to compare the wealth outcomes of traditional debt elimination strategies to a debt optimisation (debt recycling) strategy. The simulator requires the input of various assumptions and provides the outcomes of these strategies over a 30 year period using graphs and tables which can be printed or copied and pasted into documents such as SOAs and emails.

    Excel Download

    Case Studies


    Creating a Portfolio with Gearing

    Borrowing to invest (often referred to as gearing) offers the potential to grow wealth at a faster rate when compared to not gearing. Using an Investment Loan your clients can invest into listed securities or managed funds and potentially accelerate their returns.

    Download (PDF)

    Starting Out

    Even with the best intentions and a good income, building wealth can be a slow process - especially if you want to enjoy a little bit of life at the same time. But with some savings, a budget and the right financial advice, you can create an investment portfolio and reach your goals sooner.

    Download (PDF)

    Using Your Business to Accumulate Wealth

    Owning a business can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Aside from the day-to-day issues of managing the business, it's also important to plan for the future and invest any profits wisely. Should you pay off debt, expand the business, or diversify into other income producing assets? With the right advice you can develop a strategy that will maximise your wealth and generate additional income.

    Download (PDF)

    Using Investment Income to Build a Larger Portfolio

    For many Australians the idea of borrowing money to create a larger investment portfolio seems out of reach. With income allocated to rent or a mortgage, living expenses and the occasional holiday, finding the extra cash to meet interest costs seems almost impossible. But with the right financial advice many Australians can build a larger investment portfolio, by using investment income to meet interest costs.

    Download (PDF)

    Using Your Shares to Build Wealth

    Most successful investors would agree that the hardest part was getting started. Having a goal in mind, setting a budget and picking what to invest in are all parts of the typical plan ... but is it possible to start investing sooner rather than later and achieve your goals even earlier?

    Download (PDF)

    Investment Lending FAQs

    CommSec Adviser Services Investment Loan applications can be accessed on the forms section on this website only, click here to access.

    We offer two types of Investment Loans with slightly different features to suit different investor needs:

    • One with a 5% buffer and features aimed at investors predominantly investing into direct listed equities. This loan type provides clients with bonus securities and portfolio LVR, when they hold five or more approved listed securities.
    • One with a 10% buffer and features aimed at investors predominantly investing into Managed Funds; and

    There are also other different product features such as LVRs and margin call clearance time which can be viewed on either the Accepted ASX Listed Equities list or Accepted Managed Fund list.

    We have a comprehensive accepted securities list of listed securities, managed funds, investment platforms and SMA. Each accepted security has a lending ratio which indicates the maximum we can lend against. Our lending ratios are generally between 40% up to 80% depending on the investment loan type.

    The maximum amount your clients can borrow depends on:

    • How much money they have to invest and the value of the assets they provide as security.
    • Which shares or managed funds your clients invest in, as we lend different amount for different types of investments.
    • The Borrowing Limit for each accepted security is set out in our Accepted Securities List. Borrowing Limits, which we determine, may change from time to time at our discretion.

    A Margin Call occurs when:

    • A client’s current Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) exceeds the Margin Call LVR; or
    • A client’s current LVR exceeds the Maximum Gearing Ratio

    A Margin Call can occur when:

    • The loan value increases due to withdrawals or interest capitalisation;
    • The market value of your client’s portfolio falls;
    • We reduce the LVR of an investment securing a client’s investment loan; or
    • We reduce the Buffer amount.
    • We will take reasonable steps to notify you and your affected client(s) by SMS, email or phone. You must ensure you are contactable at all times in the event of a Margin Call and keep us informed of any changes to your contact details or your clients'.
    • Your clients' gearing levels must be adjusted within the timeframes stipulated in the Margin Loan Terms & Conditions so that it is below the lower of:
    • The Base LVR; and
    • The Maximum Gearing Ratio

    If a Margin Call is triggered on a client’s account, the following resolutions are available:

    • Reduce loan balance by depositing money into the investment loan;
    • Add accepted shares or managed funds to increase portfolio value; or
    • Sell a sufficient amount of the portfolio to reduce loan balance and gearing level.

    All investments are subject to risk. This means that your clients may lose money on their investments or fail to meet their financial objectives.

    The key risks of an Investment Loan include:

    • Adverse market conditions may result in portfolio value being reduced and subsequently gearing level may increase, triggering a Margin Call.
    • We may reduce or remove the LVR applied to some or all of your clients' investments, or their portfolio as a whole at any time, which may result in a Margin Call.
    • The variable interest rate may increase resulting in higher interest costs, which may exceed the portfolio’s return.
    • Margin Calls may require investments to be sold by you or us quickly at unfavourable prices and may trigger unwanted capital gains or losses if your client is unprepared.
    • Tax legislations or marginal tax rates may change and have an adverse impact on the client’s tax position.
    • The loss of any assets (including property) if they have been mortgaged as security or to provide security to the Investment Loan.
    • Default events or enforcement events (as defined in the Terms & Conditions) occurring. The consequences of such an event occurring include all amounts owing becoming immediately payable. Default events include a materially-adverse change to your client’s financial position, or to the financial position of any Guarantor or Mortgagor.
    • The client’s financial situation may materially change, adversely affecting their investment loan.
    • Adverse market and/or security specific conditions may result in the value of their security being insufficient to repay their loan.

    For general information on the risks involved, visit

    There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risks associated with an investment loan. They include:

    • Don’t borrow to the maximum permitted gearing level (i.e. the Base LVR)
    • Diversification may help to smooth out volatility, making a margin call less likely. When you spread your portfolio across different companies and sectors, a fall in the value of one investment may be offset by a rise in the value of another.
    • Reinvest distributions and dividends into your investment loan which can lower your gearing level.
    • Pay your interest costs instead of capitalising them as it increases your loan balance and gearing level.
    • Don’t rely on investment income to cover your interest costs.
    • Ensure you have sufficient cash flow - Work out your interest payments and other costs in advance. Remember that interest rates may rise or you may be required to meet a margin call within short timeframes.
    • Monitor your investments:
      Regularly monitor the market and your margin loan, and be prepared to adjust your strategy when the market outlook is less positive. Your account information is available anytime online. If your account is in buffer, use the time to be proactive and avoid a margin call.

    You should also read the Margin Loan Terms and Conditions and our Financial Services Guide (FSG) which provides you with information about us and services we can provide. In addition, you should read all relevant Product Disclosure Statements or disclosure documents available on our Forms page.